Website Address:
Business Name: Bentleys Restaurants Limited
Business Address For Data Enquiries: 7 Wherry Quay, Ipswich, Suffolk IP4 1AS
Business Telephone Number For Data Enquiries: 01473 284000
Date Last Revised: July 2022

This policy is in relation to how we collect, store and process personal data on our website. It covers five main areas,

  • About Cookies
  • Table Bookings
  • Competition Forms
  • Firewall
  • Links to other websites
  • Website backup and maintenance
  • Changes to this privacy policy
  • Contact us

The website is kept up to date and uses a secure socket layer encryption (SSL) to ensure all data transmitted across the internet is encrypted. The database and website files are held on a server in a secure datacentre protected both physically and electronically by security process.

In all instances we do not share your data with any third party (unless otherwise stated) and only use it in direct relevance to the reason it was given to us in the first place.

In all instances we are happy to share with you what personal data we might have and you can contact us by phone or in writing at the details above.

We may use cookies to monitor how you use our site. A cookie is a small file that will ask permission to be stored on your computer’s hard drive. It records how you have used a website. This means that when you return to that website, it can give you tailored options based on the information it has stored about your last visit.

We use cookies to help us understand how our website is used so that we can develop and improve its design, layout and function.

We may use third-party cookies to help us deliver some of the services on our website. We partner with Design My Night to provide our customers access to online bookings for tables and domes. We use a widget on our bookings page, which starts the initial booking process before being transferred to the Design My Night booking page. This uses Local Storage, which is used to store content. Cookies are also used on the Design My Night booking platform; once you have been redirected from our site, we would encourage you to read their cookie policy.

We also use Age_Gate to ensure users accessing our site are over 18 years of age. A cookie is placed to remember your answer, the cookie will last either for the session or 60 days depending on your choice.

If you do not want us to use cookies in your browser, you can normally set your browser to reject cookies or to alert you should a website attempt to put a cookie on your computer.

To find out more on how to manage and delete cookies, visit,

We used a third party booking platform called Design My Night. This is used for the booking of tables and domes at Isaacs and also our special events. Details including the customer’s name, email address, telephone number, party size and names and payment details are stored within the system. Staff members access these details at Bentleys Restaurants for the sole purposes of managing your booking. Only if you have opted in to receive marketing communications from Bentleys Restaurants or Design My Night will your details be used for anything other than your booking.

The initial booking process takes place on our website via a widget provided by Design Night. Once you’ve selected your package, the number of people, date and time required. Once you have done this, you will be redirected to the Design My Night booking website. Cookies are used, and again, we encourage you to read the Design My Night cookie policy.

Access UK Limited owns DesignMyNight, and we encourage you to read their privacy and cookie policy, available on their website

From time to time we may run various competitions in which we will ask for entries to be sent in either via a contact form on our website or via a downloaded PDF which can then be emailed

The form(s) will ask you for your name and email address. In some cases, more information is collected which is relevant to the nature of the competition.

This is how we process your information:
You will be asked if this is OK to process this information before you submit the form. Because we need this information to effectively respond we will not process the form without your permission.

Once you have submitted the information it will send an email to us where we will respond to you appropriately. We will delete the email when the enquiry has reached an end.

If you email your competition form to us in PDF format, by sending us an email you are agreeing for us to process the information submitted.

This is how we store your information:
In some cases, we keep a version of the contact form in our website database so that we can ensure we have a copy of your original contact. This information is deleted once the query / competition has reached its end, which in the case of a competition could be 60 days. However, as we keep regular back ups of our website, please be aware that it could take up to 31 days before your details are fully deleted.

If you enter a competition by emailing us a form, this information is then be stored on a company private folder. If you are unsuccessful of moving to the next stage of the competition your information will be deleted from our system and we will no longer hold your details. Prior to this, we will inform you of if your entry has been successful. The winner of the competition, we will use the details provided to contact you, your details will then be removed from our systems in 60 days from when entry.

This is how we use your information:
We only use your data in conjunction with the enquiry you made or the competition you have entered.

Your right to control your personal information
You may choose to restrict the collection or use of your personal information.
You have the right to ask us to change or remove your personal information from our database at any time. You also have the right to request a copy of the information we hold about you in an easily accessible format and to have any inaccuracies corrected or removed. Please be aware, as we keep regular back ups of our website, if you have contacted us via our website, it could take up to 31 days before your details are removed fully.

To do this, please write to us at Bentleys Restaurants Limited, 7 Wherry Quay, Ipswich, IP4 1AS or email

We use multiple firewall solutions that asks for your IP address before allowing access to our website.The firewall providers are the processor of this data and we can provide you with their contact information on request.

Our website may contain links to other websites. Such sites are not governed by this privacy statement and we cannot be responsible for the protection and privacy of any information that you provide to that site. Please review the privacy statement applicable to every website and mobile app you visit.

We backup the website on a regular basis, each of these backups will have a complete replica of the website, including the data stored within it.

The backups are managed by Krystal Hosting which use third party software to make the backups. Backups are done and stored remotely. Backups are a key element to business continuity and as such are a legitimate interest reason for processing and storing the data. We therefore do not need explicit permission to store process and store this data. We run full backups daily, which are kept for 31 days. Therefore, any request to remove personal data for any archived version can take up to 31 days to be processed.

We may amend or update this privacy policy from time to time and we recommend you check it periodically.

If you have any questions regarding your personal information or this privacy policy, or if you wish to make a complaint, please contact us at Bentleys Restaurants Limited, 7 Wherry Quay, Ipswich, IP4 1AS or email